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The Bedroom Tour

I can't believe how long ago it was that I uploaded the room tour of our bedroom. I'm embarrassed to say that it was over a year ago. I always planned on doing this post and I loved the photos that I took so much, so now the blog has relaunched I wanted to share them with you.

My aim for this room was to create a calm, tranquil space which would be easy to relax in and switch off. I also knew I needed it to feel light and airy so I could film videos in there (I'm talking fashion hauls not any other kind of video filmed in bedroom before you get the wrong idea!) It's quite a bright room anyway and has the sun beaming in most of the day when we're lucky enough to have it.


I used a lot of mirrors in the room to reflect the light and bounce it off the white walls. I get asked a lot about the dressing table. It was a present for my 18th Birthday. It's from a vintage market and I have always loved it. It's sat proudly in every bedroom we've had over the last 10 years, and there's been a few! Trends are moving away from the shabby chic look now, but this will always be one of my most cherished pieces, and not one to follow the crowd, I'm sure I'll keep it for years to come. It's quite versatile and mixes well with more modern styles. The pretty carved mirror was a Homesense find and I've added touches of antique gold throughout the room.


An all white bedroom, all be it very calming, can also sometimes feel quite cold, so to counteract this, I used lots of soft, cosy textures. Our bed is probably my favourite thing in the whole room. It's definitely the most expensive piece in the room but it was so worth it. It's a beautiful wing backed, upholstered ottoman bed from Time 4 Sleep. I love how high the headboard is, it's like having a luxury hotel bed at home, and because it's an ottoman bed, it stores SO much underneath!

I added lots of soft, cotton pillows to the bed including these large square ones that sit at the back. They're so soft and are almost irresistible to jump into. It's like sleeping in a cloud! My 3 year old takes great pleasure in doing this on a regular basis

I went for oxford pillow cases on most of the pillows as again I feel like they look more luxurious Our bedding is from Zara Home. It's quite old now but I've seen a very similar one in there recently. I might have to treat myself to it as this one is on is on it's last legs. I love it so much that I don't ever change up the bedding. I just wash it and put it straight back on.

Finally I have a few of these Mongolian hair cushions. You can usually find the in Homesense in lots of different colours and I just love the softness they bring to a room, as well a pop of colour.

The lamps are from Homesense and I love how unique they are. You don't see lamps like this very often and I feel like they work with the room really well. My favourite part about them is the pink quartz crystal that hangs down in the middle.

Finishing Touches

Of course no bedroom would be complete without the trinkets and finishing touches that transform a room into your room. I love having special things around me, whether that be my favourite perfumes, pieces of jewellery, candles or ornaments. Flowers really brighten up the space and as much as I love to have fresh bunches as often a possible, it's nice to have a few artificial arrangements that you can rely on to add colour and interest all year round. Candles add a touch of elegance to a room and again help to give it a cosy vibe.

Wall Art

I love this carved wall art panel I found in TK Maxx which is part of their Passport to India collection. I think it works nicely with the decorative lanterns around the room. All of the mirrors and a lot of the furniture features carvings and mouldings and I think this works really well.

If you would like to see the room in more detail and find out about any items I didn't mention, you can watch the Room Tour video below:

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