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The Kids Are in Charge!

A little while ago, B&q contacted us and asked how we would feel about letting the kids decorate one of the rooms in our house this Christmas. Initially, I won't lie, I was a bit nervous, I instantly had visions of brightly coloured lights and tinsel which is not really my style, but after looking at the decorations that B&Q had to offer this Christmas, I realised that actually, this is what Christmas is all about, and I should stop being a Scrooge and just say yes!

When we told them they were so excited! We headed into store and they had a look around, firstly at all of the cute dancing Santa's and Puppies. Some even repeat what you said back to you which they of course found hilarious. Then they set to work choosing baubles, (luckily they both agreed on red and white) lights, of course the went for the multi coloured option but I kept my mouth zipped and let them choose what they thought looked best. Then it was my favourite part, choosing the special decorations and they loved pretty much everything from B&Q's Christmas Vacation collection which features skiing polar bears, cars, elves and fairy's I have to admit, I really love it too. They also picked out a beautiful snow effect tree. We did have to guide them a bit on what size to get so it actually fit in the house! But apart from that it was all them.

They loved the process of putting up the tree and were so good at decorating it with only a little bit of assistance when they decided that every single bauble should hang off the bottom of the tree.

Our favourite decorations have to be the Fairy and the Elf who sparked the idea for this video. They really are so cute and charming and we've loved having them to stay with us!

The boys also enjoyed decorating the fireplace which has given our cosy fire an extra festive feel. We added the garland and some baubles to the top and added their dancing toys and the cutest light up polar bear (which is battery operated so no need for a plug socket!) to the hearth.

It was clearly all too exciting for Elliot who fell asleep watching a Christmas movie once we had finished. I really loved this experience and it really helped us see Christmas through a child's eyes again. You can find all of the products featured in this post here.

Thank you to B&Q for working with me on this post.

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