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and welcome! I'm Kate and I've been creating and growing my little piece of the internet since 2010. It started with Dolly Bow Bow. My online jewellery and accessories brand. I always wanted to do something creative and with £100 that I saved from teaching performing arts at the weekends, I started to design and makes delicate trinket charm necklaces and bracelets. My small collection hung on my wall for a few months whilst I worked out how to get the word out about my designs, until one day I discovered the wonderful world of You Tube. I started a channel & blog of the same name and decided to make it a place where I could talk about all of my hobbies and passions, including beauty and fashion. I never expected it to grow as it did and was overwhelmed to see the views and subscribers rising and with that came an incredibly positive community of viewers who have always been so supportive and for which I will always be grateful.

Over the last 7 years a lot has changed, I grew from a 19 year old girl living at home with her parents to a Mum of 2 beautiful children and a wife to the boy I've loved since I was 17, who has selflessly been by my side every step of the way on this sometimes crazy journey. I feel so lucky that whilst fashion and beauty will always be such an integral part of what I love and create content about, I've also been able to bring you along with me through the big changes in my life and document these memories, from the wedding, pregnancies, births and the ups and downs of raising little people.



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