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Lush lust list...

Do you have a scent that, as soon as you smell it it instantly transports you to a special time or a certain place? Maybe it's freshly cut grass or it could be a favourite perfume. For me it has to be Lush. Not one scent or product in particular, just that scent you get when you walk past the store, or treat yourself to a selection of goodies and stick your head in the bag! It reminds me of being 19 and starting my You Tube journey, I was obsessed with Lush and a Lush haul was my first video. I know it might sound silly and insignificant, but that really was a happy time in my life. I started my online store and began making videos and I just threw myself into it without knowing where it would take me and the amazing opportunities I've had since. So I guess link the scent with that time. So sometimes when I need a little pick me up, I head to Lush and pick out a few things as a treat. Usually some old favourites mixed with a couple of new products or at least one thing I haven't tried before. Here's a little run down of what I got recently. American Cream Conditioner: I just LOVE this stuff. I don't use it all the time, but I like to get a small bottle every now and again as a hair treat. It's super creamy and makes your hair feel incredibly soft and silky. Plus, if you're a fan of strawberries and vanilla scents like me then this is a winner! Strawberry Feels Massage Bar: Did I mention I like strawberry scents? I'm not going to lie, strawberry is my favourite of all the smells in life!And this massage bar just smells like a dream. It works great as an all over body oil treatment. It starts to melt into your skin really quickly and feels very luxurious. The scent lasts for ages too. Million Dollar Moisturiser: This is the one that I got for Christmas, but I wanted to include it because it really is fantastic. It's has quite a thick, creamy consistency, so not one for when you need to apply makeup straight away. But given time to absorb, it makes the perfect base, leaving you with glowing skin that just looks so much healthier. Plus it contains a sunscreen which is so important, even in the winter months Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb: Such a beauty! This is definitely one for the floral fans, I love that each one contains 7 rose buds. It's scented with Rose oil, lemon and jasmine oil and it's perfect for a pre Valentine's date bath. Roses All The Way Soap: I'm generally least attracted to the soaps in Lush. Just because I find bar soaps quite drying. But I just had to try something from the Valentine's Day collection and this looked perfect. It contains rose oil and syrup so I'm hoping it will be quite moisturising and convert me into a solid soap lover. I'll let you know my thoughts once I've tried it out! What do you think? Are you going to be trying any of these out? Or do you have any recommendations for me? Tell me your all time favourites in the comments!

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