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What's In My Baby Bag? & Tesco Baby Event AD

Having been a Mum for 3 and a half years now, I’m used to putting together a baby bag without much thought. It’s become routine and I just know what I need. That being said, after having Elliot It felt like I was starting all over again, and there was so much more I needed to remember than a simple change of clothes and a snack that I had gotten used to taking with me for a toddler.

I thought It would be a good idea to show you what I’m currently packing in my baby bag for Elliot and put together a bit of a tick list which might come in handy if you’re about to become a Mum and aren’t sure what to pack as it can definitely be a bit of a minefield!

January is always a tough money month, and even though we often think it’s the big baby purchases that are where the money goes, the weekly, necessities all add up too. So with that in mind I thought I’d also share with you a few of my favourite deals in the Tesco Baby Event which is on until 29th January so it’s a really good time to stock up on essentials online and in store.


If you’re bottle feeding then you’ll need an array of equipment to take out with you which can always make things a but trickier and your bag much heavier! I use Tommee Tippee Bottles currently half price in the event 6 bottles for £13 instead of £26 and they're formula dispensers which you can pre fill with the correct amount of formula before you go out. This little pot sits inside the bottle until you need to use it. We also have the Tommee Tippee thermos which we fill with boiling water so we have everything we need to make up a bottle whilst we’re out.

Snacks & Lunch

If you’re baby’s at an age where you’re starting to wean them like mine, then some snacks, pouches of food or homemade purees/ lunches will also be a necessity. Both my boys love the Organix Crunchy Carrot Sticks and lots of baby snacks are currently 3 for 2 in the Tesco Baby Event so now's a good time to stock up.


Along with weaning, if your baby’s over 6 months you’re probably giving them some water throughout the day as well as milk so I take a beaker with us as well. This Nuby one is really nice as it has a soft spout so it’s quite easy for them to drink from.



I like to take at least 3, even if I’m just going out for the afternoon, as you never know and I’ve found out the hard way over the years, it’s always better to be prepared. My rule is, if I wonder weather or not to take something, just take it because if you don’t you’ll definitely need it! We use the Pampers Baby Dry Pants which are also on offer in the Tesco Baby Event, as I find these much easier to just pull up and go rather than trying to do up tabs on a wriggly baby, especially in a public changing room. Lots of nappies in the Pampers range are now half price which is such a good saving, I always try and get nappies when the Baby Event is on, as it saves you money in the long run.


Of course a pack of wipes will come in handy not just for the obvious, but also for dirty faces, spills, the list is endless and I couldn’t be without a pack of these pretty much everywhere I go. Tesco currently have their own brand Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Fragrance Free Wipes on offer. 5 packs for £2.80.

Travel Changing Mat:

Some public toilets leave a lot to be desired, and often you find they don’t have anything to put down on the changing table, so I always have a travel changing mat in my bag. A lot of baby bags come with one so it’s always worth checking that before you buy a separate one. (Don't Forget the nappy bags!)

Lotions & Potions

Snuffle Babe: I always like to keep a pot of this in the changing bag as it helps to unblock noses and helps them to breathe a bit easier if they have a cough or cold.

Metanium: everyday Nappy cream:

I find Metanium really good as it’s a thick cream which acts as a barrier so stops them from getting sore.

Nail file:

For about 6 months Elliot would always have at least one scratch on his face. I think his cradle cap made him itchy, and as we all know, baby nails are like little needles so I always have a small nail file in the bag incase I need to get rid of a sharp bit!


This is always handy just to give both of the boys hair a quick comb, especially at the moment with hat hair.

Hand sanitiser:

I always find this good to have on hand if there’s ever a situation here I need to change a nappy but there’s not a sink to wash my hands after, like the back of the car for example (it happens to us all!)

Teething and Toys:

Teething Toy:

I like these Nuby rings which you can put in the fridge to keep them cool which really helps to soothe sore gums.

Ashton and Parsons Teething Powder:

I’ve spoken about these before on my baby Must haves Video but these little sachets are a live saver. We really find they help when Elliot’s teething. They're all natural so I always have a couple of these in my bag just in case his teeth are hurting him.


Elliot isn’t the biggest fan of having a dummy, but sometimes, when he’s over tired, it’s the only thing that gets him off to sleep, so I always have one handy in a little case. We just got him some more Tommee Tippee ones which are suitable for his age, 6-18 months in the baby event as they are currently £3.50 instead of £5.00 for 2.


We also take out a couple of little toys like a baby book, rattle, and usually some of his brothers characters he can hold because your brothers toys are always better than your own!


Depending on the time of day, I always take out at least one full outfit change, sometimes 2. 2 vests and if I know we’ll be out a bit later, I take a baby grow as well so he can be more comfortable.

So that’s just about everything I take and it all fits nicely into our changing bag which is the Doona All Day Bag in the colour Dune. We have this as we use the Doona stroller/car seat and this just clips nicely on to the back and we’re away!

I hope this little list of changing bag essentials helped you. And if you’re off to stock up on baby supplies, then there’s no better time to go than when a Tesco Baby Event is on so you have until 29th January to make some seriously good savings.

There’s lots more products on offer than I didn’t mention, so if you want to shop the event online, I’ll leave the link here.

Is there anything else that is a must have essential for you? (Apart from the actual baby of course!)

Love Kate

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