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A Weekend Away

​Recently the boys and I went for a little weekend get away by the sea. It was just the sort of thing the three of us needed, as we've been working a lot lately and the days just feel like they're flying. Weeks are turning into months before we've even had a second to sit down and just breathe. So when FatFace offered to whisk us away on a weekend of happiness, we jumped at the chance. So last Friday, we packed up our bags and headed towards the sleepy town of Sandwich, not too far away from our home in Kent, but just far enough to feel like we were somewhere completely removed from our every day life. When we pulled into the gravelled driveway of The Butlery where we would be staying for the next 3 nights, I felt instantly calm and peaceful. After we got the keys, we headed inside to explore our new little home for the weekend. This is always my favourite part of staying somewhere, and it didn't disappoint. The Butlery is a quaint little cottage attached to the main house. It's walls are lined with brightly coloured books and the duck egg blue kitchen is like something out of a magazine. It felt cosy and inviting and I just felt so at home. There was also the added surprise of a playroom just across the drive which Archie adored. He had so much fun going in and out of the little tents and playing with the vintage toys.

The following morning, we decided we would have a real lazy, relaxed day, and just stayed in and around the cottage all day. I think my hands down favourite part of The Butlery was the master bedroom. It was just my style with it's shabby chic bed, delicate furnishings and even little bunny door handles on the wardrobe were just so sweet (I wanted to take them home but I restrained myself!) Our sweet little boy loved playing on the bed, getting lost in what must have felt like a mountain of pillows to him. I loved lounging around in my Sudbury Top which, to me is a grown up take on wearing broderie anglise, it's easy to wear with so many things, and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot this summer. It was still a bit too cold to wear this and the Ripped Denim Jeans outside, but the cottage was toasty warm, so I made the most of that!

Once Archie had, had his nap, we decided to go and check out the beach. The property we stayed in had 5 miles of private beach just outside it's front gates which was incredible. It was just such a shame it was so, so windy! We couldn't stay out there for long as I thought we might all get blown away, but Archie made the most of his brief trip to the beach and filled my pockets with pebbles which he found very amusing. His Daddy took him down to the sea, he hasn't been to the beach since he was quite a bit younger and I can tell he will absolutely love visiting places like this when he's a a little older. I wore the Waterfall Jersey Cardigan to keep the chill off. We all know I love me some stripes! And again it was just so super soft and comfortable. I also wore this Pretty Lace Trilby which helped to keep my hair under control! I love the little tan trim detail which will go with so many of my bags and shoes. Rikki Wears: Marden Check Shirt and a White Slub V Neck Tee I love him in check shirts and this one really suits him.

After our quick visit to the beach, we decided to drive a few minutes back down the road so that Archie could see the sheep and baby lambs in the fields leading up to the house. The road is lined with hundreds of daffodils at the moment and with the backdrop of the lambs, I've really never seen anything that screams Spring more in my life! It was so pretty as it was late afternoon by this point, but it had got a bit warmer, so I put on my Zara top and Pale Wash Super Skinny Jeans. I was actually so surprised with how much I liked them as I'm very fussy about jeans and stick to just a few brands that I know fit me as so many seem to be a bit baggy. But these were definitely skinny jeans, and just the right length too! Archie loved looking at the lambs, and we knew we could just take our time, knowing we didn't have to rush back for anything.

On Monday morning, it was sadly time to pack up and leave. With a little sigh, we said goodbye to The Butlery after another little run around in the grounds of the house. I wore the Durington Kimono, and the Saunton Cami to go home in, with a pair of skinny jeans and plimsolls. It didn't take too long to get home, only about an hour and a half, but it was nice to snuggle up in the knitted kimono whilst Rikki drove us all home. We can't thank FatFace enough for this little weekend we got to spend together. It felt like we were in our own little world and we got the chance to really switch off and enjoy just being a family. I will treasure the memories forever, and it's taught me the importance of taking a break every now and again, to re-evaluate, to stop and notice the little things and special moments.

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