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And Then There Were Two...

It seems like moments ago I was looking down at my bump and wondering who you were. Did you have hair? Would you look like your big brother? Well it didn't take us long to get the answer to that question as you are the image of him, but so completely unique at the same time. My beautiful Elliot, it's sounds like a total cliche but I can't imagine you not being here now. Part of this crazy little family. The house that's slowly being taken over by boys and I couldn't be happier because I get to be your Mummy... The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least. I've been dreaming of those first newborn cuddles and lazy days doing nothing but looking at my tiny baby for months and it really is so lovely, but you forget the toll that the sleepless nights and an unsettled newborn have on you. Elliot isn't quite as calm and content as his brother was, which I feel so bad saying as he's so tiny, and 5 minutes ago he was cocooned in a little snuggly world of his own. He already seems more cuddly and likes to be held or wrapped up, and all hell breaks loose if he's anything less than toasty warm, (he gets that from me). His big brother has always been fiercely independent, and I like that they already have their own personalities.

During that first few weeks, I was surprised to find myself, at times feeling helpless all over again, as if I had never done this before and was once again a first time Mum. I'd forgotten how exhausting it can be, It sounds weird to say, because as I said, their personalities are already quite different, but at first I felt as though I'd woken up in some weird parallel universe, where I'd gone back in time 3 years and was looking after a newborn Archie again. However, that little baby is now a whirlwind of a little boy and lazy baby days are not so easy to have when you're being asked to play in the padding pool at 5:30am by your toddler. There's no doubt about it, becoming a Mum of 2 is a learning curve, a big one. But everyday I feel like I'm getting the hang of it that little bit more. They both teach me so much without even knowing it. Elliot has brought out the most loving, caring side in Archie. He wants to be with him all the time, cuddling him and helping me look after him. He goes up to everyone he meets and tells them about his new baby brother, and for some reason, he says 'Elliot' in a little welsh accent which is honestly the funniest and cutest thing ever, and a total mystery to us!

One of the things I was looking forward to once Elliot was born was putting the boys in matching outfits! We we really kindly sent some beautiful pieces from My 1st Years recently which has been on my list of favourite baby brands ever since I had Archie. They do some adorable matching outfits for siblings and Archie actually screams with delight when he sees his little bro's been dressed the same as him! So I'm going to take full advantage of that whilst I can! As well as matching sets, My 1st Years are home to some of the most beautiful personalised gifts for little ones, Which would make the perfect present for anyone that's just had a newborn. Everything from the softest, monogrammed hooded towels and robes for bedtime (Prince George has one you know!) to their very own teddy bear complete with name jumper. Archie also has a personalised toy bag which has been home to all of his soft toys for the last few years and it looks beautiful in his bedroom. Their service is second to none and everything comes wrapped in a luxury gift box which I always think makes it a little more special.

So now days you'll often find me sitting in Archie's room, cuddling Elliot, playing with Archie and wondering what it'll be like when they're old enough to play in there together, imaginations running wild. Having one was fun, but It's definitely better with two! Here's all of the beautiful My 1st years pieces featured in this post if you'd like to have a look, as well as some of my other favourites!

This post was kindly sponsored by My 1st Years. As always, all options are 100% honest and my own.

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