• Kate

Beside The Seaside...

Family days out are some of my favourite days. Those morning where you wake up early and everyones excited about the little adventure that's been planned for that day, or even those days where nothings been arranged and we just jump in the car and find somewhere new to explore. Those are the best days and the ones I cherish the most.

Recently, we took a little trip to Whitstable, even though it's less than an hours drive from us, We had never been there before, so, as it was such a lovely day, we decided to head down for a day at the seaside.

It's such a quaint little seaside town, with lots of cute, quirky shops. Everything from unique gift shops, childrenswear boutiques and charity shops, to trendy little restaurants and the world famous Wheelers Oyster Bar, which is a bit of an Instagrammers dream! I love the atmosphere down there, it was pretty busy the weekend we visited, but we didn't really have any plans so we just wandered in and out of the shops until we had reached the sea front. The beach is so pretty, but as it's a pebble beach it's not really the sort of place you can stay all day and relax, but Archie loved running in and out of the sea and picking up little shells to give to us. We finished the day with an ice cream in the sun. Perfect

It's lovely to do these spontaneous trips where you don't know where you're going to end up, but Archie's also getting to the age where he wants to visit those places which need a little more planning and a lot more money! We already have Chessington and Legoland on our list, he asks to go at least once a week and it's hard to explain to a 3 year old that those sort of trips need to be saved up for. That's where The Tesco Clubcardcomes to the rescue! they have just relaunched it with a new app and a contactless card which gives you 1 point for every £1 spend on everything from groceries and fashion to fuel. With the new Clubcard, a tap is all it takes. Just tap your card on the card reader to collect your points at the end of your shop, Simple! And you can keep track of how many points you have on the app, so you know when you can redeem them on a whole range of things such as cinema tickets, fun, family days out and money off at your favourite restaurants. If you're doing your shopping each week anyway, why not earn some rewards at the same time! It soon adds up. Take a look at the website here to find out more and see all of the rewards and activities available. Are you planning any trips big or small soon? Let me know in the comments! Love Kate x This post is in collaboration with Tesco



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