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Picnic In the Park...

This bank holiday weekend was a bit of a scorcher! So one of our favourite things to do as a family on sunny Summer days is head to the park with a full to the brim picnic basket, some cosy blankets and a game or 2 and enjoy a few hours relaxing in the sunshine whilst it lasts! On bank holiday Monday we got up early and decided this was exactly what we should do and planned a trip to one of our favourite parks that has a beautiful manor house in the grounds, but before we could head over, there was the crucial matter of food to sort out. We had managed to clear the cupboards after Archie's Birthday party that weekend, and, as Tesco had asked us if we would like to go and try out their new Scan as You Shop System, this was the perfect opportunity, so we headed to our local Tesco to stock up on some shopping and our picnic favourites.

Scan As You Shop is a new system for Clubcard Members which helps to make your weekly shop that little bit easier! Especially if you're trying to get it all done with a toddler and a baby in tow which has not been easy lately! You simply swipe your Clubcard to release a handset from the wall and you're ready to shop with your own personal barcode scanner. You can tot everything up as you go and you can completely avoid having to get your shopping out of the trolley, onto the conveyer belt and then back into bags, as you can bag everything up as you shop. It's such a clever idea and actually really fun too! Archie loved helping me scan all of the items and he got really involved in the shopping process, so it was actually an enjoyable experience instead of a toddler battle! I did wonder at first what to do with items such as a couple of clothing items I picked up for Elliot which had security tags, but you simply leave them to one side in your trolley and once you've finished shopping someone at the Scan As You Shop payment area assists you with this step. Simple!

I love the fact that you can see what you're spending as you go, which really helps with budgeting for your weekly shop, or even making sure you're not going overboard on buying food for a certain occasion like a family picnic or party. Once you're finished you simply scan the barcode at the top of the till, pay and you're done. It couldn't be easier and is definitely a bit of a game changer as I've found shopping with 2 little ones a bit of a struggle and have found myself sending Rikki out to do the food shop!

Once we were done we headed to the park and I've honestly never seen it so busy! but luckily it's absolutely huge, so we found ourselves a quite spot under a tree, ate some yummy food, played with some of Archie's new birthday toys and relaxed. Elliot was so happy on his little blanket chilling in the shade and Archie was in his element running around and rolling in the grass. After a lovely afternoon we headed home with 2 very tired but happy little boys and 2 rather relaxed parents, which is saying something! So next time you're doing your weekly shop in Tesco, give the Scan As You Shop System a go, I'd love to know what you think and if it helps take some of the stress out of food shopping for you. What did you get up to this bank holiday weekend? Love Kate x This post is in Collaboration with Tesco

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